• Lightning Network Gift Card

    eGift Card on Lightning Network

  • What's LN Gift Card?

    • Use your Lightning wallet to get eGift Card (Virtual Prepaid Card) with $150 balance (Sales price included $150 balance plus card issue fees)
    • You can use at any online shop which accept major credit card
    • You will get the card number and necessary information for online shopping
    Disclaimer: Lightning Network is a new technology which may cause unstable and bugs. By using this service, you must accept and understand that the service have no liability for any damages or losses that are caused to you.

  • With eGift Card You...

    make everyday extraordinary.

    Online Shopping

    Look better and live better

    Use eGift card anywhere online that accepting major credit card

    Cloud Computing

    Server and Storage

    Use eGift card to pay your cloud computing related online services and try out your new idea

    Online Entertaining

    Movie and Game

    Use eGift card for online movie and game to control your personal budget on entertainment

  • Q&A

    For more questions, please email to contact@lngiftcard.com

    Is eGift card a prepaid card?

    Yes, eGift card is a prepaid card with $150 balance and is for one or few time use purpose.

    Why eGift card sales price more than the card balance?

    The sales price included $150 balance plus card issue fees.

    What if I forgot to copy the eGift card information?

    eGift card information will show only one time and can not be retrieve after dismissed. Please be careful.

    How long can I use eGift card?

    The expired month and year will show on the eGift card information. It will be vary due to different batch.

    Are there any name or address on eGift card?

    This eGift card is anonymous. You can put any name and address when checkout online shopping.

    Can I recharge eGift card?

    No, you need to purchase a new card and discard the zero or low balance card.

    Can I get transaction history?

    The service do not offer this feature for now.

    What if I have charge back related issues?

    eGift card is for one or few time use purpose and do not offer any kind of customer service.

    Are there any fees when I pay with eGift card?

    eGift card issuer will charge a 1.5% transaction fees for each transactions.